Thank you SO much for my amazing amazing massage today. My body, mind, and spirit are 1000 percent better!!!

~ Joseph Johnson, principal cellist, TSO

I have had numerous massages from Jennifer, both Thai as well as table massage. She is a truly gifted healer with an in depth knowledge of the human body and a wonderful instinct in her therapeutic touch to communicate with the barriers of tension in the tissues. Her broad range of techniques blend with her calm and attentive presence in treatments to allow you to focus inward and feel your body unwind from restrictions and tension. Add to this her musical passion and its importance in healing and you have the very perfect balance of what every body needs.

~ Seonaid Davis, Registered Massage Therapist

The Thai massage on Monday was sooo great! I really felt awesome after — really loose and agile in my hoop dance class. I was joking that now I’ll have to have a massage before every time I hoop. It’s also lasted. I’d been having some pain in a foot that I hadn’t thought to mention, and it’s a lot better now!
~ Melissa Berney, The Bee Lady

That was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

~ Martino Niro, real estate developer, after his first Thai massage

Jen, I swear the pain in my neck and shoulder is completely gone‎, you are amazing! Thank you!
Laura Waters, mother and computer specialist

This is the best work I’ve ever experienced.

~ Carol D Lowery, physiotherapist, referring to her regular Thai massage sessions.

“Jen has been massaging my husband and me for many years. Exquisite sensitivity, soulful touch. We come away deeply nourished. Thanks Jen!”

Martha randall, Dancer, Nia Teacher

Jen uses a hand held drum over you at the beginning that relaxes you into the massage and a glass bowl at the end of the session to close the session beautifully.  Couldn’t recommend her enough.
Catherine Carroll, Ceramic Artist

My massage with Jen was the best one I have ever had! Jen ‘s touch is healing and full of love and care. Her use of sound is also very nourishing and helped to make the experience spiritually as well as physically healing. I highly recommend this truly holistic healing experience.

~ Laura Nienhuis, Drama Teacher, Oakwood Collegiate

You have an amazing gift to allow people to connect to their body, to their inner rivers and creeks of fluids and spirits.
~ Iris Häussler, visual artist

Thank you for the Thai Massage yesterday! It was quite an amazing experience, and I totally agree with the comments on your flyer: your caring seeps through your hands.

~ Lang Liu, capoeira teacher

“A session with Jen is more than just a massage. It is an inward journey that I find unique to her magical touch. Her careful choice of music along with opening and closing drum and bowl soundings over your body complete this ethereal experience. After every session I seem to float home.”

— David Keshen, retired entrepreneur

The massage was long & luscious! Thank you so much. Great hands & energy, clearly great knowledge. I felt and still feel good & relaxed & de-stressed. Thank you so much, I know it’s a paid service you offer, but I believe the spirit in which you offer it up is complete generosity & truth.
~ Norma Dvorsky, visual artist

Not everyone appreciates the physical body as an embodiment of story. In my sessions with Jennifer, I have felt like she ‘read’ the narration of my story, inscribed in muscle, tissue, and energy. She is a gifted bodyworker; both grounded and elevated!

~ Gary Diggins, Soundwork Practitioner, Teacher and Musician

I have had massages for many years and this was truly the best massage I’ve experienced. Not having to be actively participating while my body was active allowed me to be particularly observant to the sensations in my body. Unlike massages that I sleep or groan through, this felt like a slow, kind, and methodical check-in with myself. It was amazing to be keenly present and embodied while i relaxed and surrendered. I came out of it feeling both rested and like I’ve just had a great workout.
~ Karen Chan, Public Health Worker on her Thai Massage experience

Jen’s massage is the best massage I have ever experienced. I have been going to Jen for many years now. I’ve had lower back pain, shoulder and neck aches and I always feel like a new person after her massages. Even during the pandemic, I feel safe with all the precautions she takes — pre-screening questions, all surfaces disinfected and Jen wore a mask the entire time (and I wore one when I wasn’t lying face down). Jen, in her vast knowledge of her craft, is able to tailor every massage to what ails me on that day. Jen’s strength and skill delivers a massage that is pure bliss. Her skillful touch is truly a gift!

~ Nga Nguyen

Jen Gillmor is simply the best massage therapist I have ever had! She is patient, methodical and intuitive in her approach and I always feel renewed on both physical and energetic levels after her massages.
~ Ivana Popovic, musician

Your massage was one of the best I’ve ever had. You’ve got real talent/technique and rapport.

~ Tanya Gerber, Non-Profit, Charity & Social Purpose Consultant

The blissfulness and lightness I feel after a massage with Jennifer lasts a few days. I am very confident in recommending Jennifer but you have to experience her peaceful, knowledgeable touch to understand the wisdom in those hands.
~ Bibi Hahn, Yoga Instructor

Jen’s massages give me great pleasure in my body. I find she makes me feel good inside myself rather than feeling the distress or dis-ease of my physical condition. Then I feel happy to be in relation rather than in opposition with myself.

~ Sonia Norris, Theatre Director, Acting Teacher

I enjoyed the variety and combinations of touch and movement. I also appreciated how Jen began and ended the session with sound elements. This made me feel very present in my body.
~ Diana Rodriguez Quevedo, Professor of Latin Literature

My massage was helpful for my soul as well as my body.

~ Sandor Ajzenstat, Artist

Deeply relaxing, a massage session with Jen leaves you with an encompassing feeling of being well cared for.
~ Ann-Marie Boudreau, Sound Practitioner, Musician

I felt safe and comfortable and Jen had a great intuitive sense of what I needed.

~ Kerri McGonigle, Cellist

I appreciated Jen’s touch, her presence and ability to encourage relaxation in my body. My body felt taken care of in all areas. Every time I felt a longing for a part of me to be touched and nurtured, it was!
~ Renee Pilgrim, Sex Educator, TCM practitioner

What I liked best about my massage was the calmness, confidence and respect with which it was given.

~ christina starr, actor, writer

My feet were an F sharp. Sore and achy all the time — totally out of tune. I thought that was they way feet were supposed to feel. Then I had my first reflexology session with Jennifer. It was relaxing and comfortable. She rubbed harmony back into my cacophonous feet. Since then, my tooties are singing solos – much of the pain never made a reprise. A miracle indeed. Highly recommended. Thanks Jennifer!
~ Norm Mongeon, musician, writer

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