Holistic Massage

What is it?

It is a blend of contemporary and traditional techniques toward a holistic, restorative relaxation massage. The approach is a blend of physical and energetic styles using oil and non-oil application, rhythmic mobilization and joint release.
Holistic = body-mind-spirit

What a session will look like:

If you have not already downloaded it and filled it out, I will give you a Client Information Form. You will inform me of your condition and why you’re seeking bodywork and you will have a chance to ask me any questions. I will leave you in privacy to undress and get under the sheet and blankets on the massage table. You will receive the fullest benefit if access to all your muscles is not impeded by clothing. However, you are free to keep your underwear on if you wish. Your feeling safe and comfortable is my number one priority. You will be professionally draped at all times except for the specific area being worked on.

While the session will be catered to your body’s current needs, we will likely begin with you face down. I will use a variety of techniques ranging, in laymen’s terms, from kneading, ploughing, stroking, stretching, pressing, swinging and rocking. In a typical full-body massage, we will spend a little less than an hour with you face down and finish with just over half an hour on your back. With clients who suffer lower back pain, it may be preferable to enjoy the benefits of the side-lying position. Pregnant women will be massaged from side-lying and also from a near-seated position with plenty of propping at their backs. There will be short periods allowed for your body to integrate the work. During these periods, I will be actively influencing energy to enhance your well-being. Breasts and genital areas will never be exposed or touched.


If the idea resonates with you, I may augment the physical experience of the massage with short periods of soundwork. I have studied the use of sound and music in healing and soul shifting with Sound Practitioner and musical collaborator Gary Diggins as well as through independent resources. You may enjoy wrapping up a session with the pure, cleansing vibration of a singing bowl being moved through your body from your feet to the top of your head. Or if you’re in need of grounding, you may enjoy the slow, soft beat of a large frame drum over your body. Absorbing the deep vibrations of a didgeridoo can be a profound experience that moves energy in an intense and enjoyable way. These are shamanic techniques that have been utilized by various cultures for centuries. Or if all this sounds “woo-woo” to you, stick with a delicious massage without these bells and whistles!


Men: regarding erectionsit is normal for the body to misinterpret contact since many men only experience touch during intimate moments. 1) My eyes will be closed much of the time so I may not even notice. 2) If you do not touch yourself or expect me to, I will not be alarmed or offended. 3) This response will likely diminish with each massage. I only bring the topic up because I have spoken with men who have never allowed themselves the gift of massage for fear of this possibility and the awkwardness they fear it would create. So sad and unnecessary!

I do not offer sexual services.

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