90-minute full-body massage:
$100 when you come to me
$120 for a home visit*



1-hour Thai foot massage-reflexology session
$60 when you come to me
$75 for a home visit*



90-minute Thai Yoga Massage
$100 when you come to me
$120 for a home visit*


2-hour Thai Yoga Massage
$130 when you come to me
$150 for a home visit*


3-hour Thai Yoga Massage
$200 when you come to me
$230 for a home visit*


For a full-body Thai Massage, 90-minutes is required. This is already a shortened version of the 2-3 hour tradition as it is practiced in Thailand. However, I can offer a 1-hour session which will deal specifically with particular areas of concern as determined by our consultation.

1-hour Thai Yoga Massage
$75 when you come to me
(Home visits start at 90-minutes only)


Home visit only.
90-minute table or Thai massage with soundwork followed by a 30-minute customized musical serenade on cello and flute.


All prices include HST.


NOTE: If you line up 3 sessions at one location (eg, for you and 2 family members or friends) I will waive the extra home visit fee.


* Toronto home visit boundaries:
(N-S) Eglinton to Lake Ontario / (E-W) Broadview to Jane.




(Clients receiving the special rate will relinquish the introductory discount.)


25% off your first session
Buy a package of 4 massages and get a 5th FREE
Refer a new client to me and get your next massage at 25% off
Buy a gift certificate and get your next massage at 25% off


Note: these incentives cannot be used in conjunction with one another nor are they applicable to foot massage sessions.


I am a Certified Holistic Massage Practitioner. I am licensed by the City of Toronto and professionally insured. If you submit receipts for insurance coverage, check with your provider as to whether Holistic Health Practitioners are covered. Sometimes we are but most insurance companies cover only RMTs. The Natural Health Practitioners Association of Canada is lobbying Manulife and other insurance providers to accept other forms of bodywork.


If you seek therapeutic treatment for an acute injury or pathological condition, you should see a Registered Massage Therapist.


You may pay by credit card through Paypal by clicking on the choices below. Please note that these fees are slightly higher to include the Paypal processing fee. I also accept Email Transfers which I find to be the easiest and cheaper method of online payment. You may also pay for your appointment up front when you book online.





  • Holistic Table Massage

    WHAT IS HOLISTIC MASSAGE? I practice a blend of contemporary and traditional techniques toward a holistic, restorative relaxation massage. The approach is a blend of physical and energetic styles using… Continue Reading →

    $100 / 90-minute
    $130 / 2-hrs
    $120 / 90-minute home visit
    $150 / 2-hr home visit
  • Thai Massage

    WHAT IS IT? Thai Massage is an ancient bodywork practice which combines acupressure, energy meridian work and yoga-like stretching. It balances energy lines by working along their meridians in the… Continue Reading →

    $100 / 90-minute
    $130 / 2-hrs
    $200 / 3-hrs
    $120 / 90-minute home visit
    $150 / 2-hr home visit
    $230 / 3-hr home visit
  • Thai Foot Massage-Reflexology

    A heavenly 1-hour pampering experience for your feet and calves which includes skin tonification, massage with a creamy blend of arnica and peppermint, and reflexology. Acupressure points in the feet act as energetic… Continue Reading →

    $60 / 1-hr
    $75 / 1-hr home visit
  • Chair Massage

    Perfect for events such as fairs, festivals and conferences. Chair Massage is also the perfect plan for office managers who see the value in promoting self-care for their employees. I can… Continue Reading →

    $250 / half-day
    $400 / full day
  • Instrumental

      Introducing a luxurious, incomparable service from Harmony Hands that is an extraordinary antidote to physical pain and/or emotional stress. You’ll enjoy a blend of bodywork modalities married with therapeutic… Continue Reading →

    $200 / home visit only
  • Yoga Instruction & Thai Massage Workshops

    Workshops Thank you to those who made for full enrolment at my Introduction to Thai Massage workshop on February 18th, 2017. I will look forward to creating future events in Toronto… Continue Reading →

    $50 / 1-hr Private Class
    $75 / 90-minute Private Class