Thai Massage Master

I was asked recently if I am a Thai Massage “Master”.

I have been professionally practising Thai Massage since 2010. I’ve done many hundreds of massages and helped countless people feel better through this wonderful modality. I have done the complete certification as well as additional training at Thai Massage Toronto and then the entire curriculum at The Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Most recently, I have completed a course in Thai Medical Theory which has given me a much deeper understanding of how and why to choose particular protocols. 

If anyone would be entitled to the designation of “Master”, I believe it would quite reasonably be someone with my degree of experience and training. Yet I am not comfortable with choosing to use the title. Having done some research, I have learned that there is no governing body anywhere in the world that ascribes the title to those with specific qualifications. When you see someone listed as a Thai Massage Master, it is all about marketing.

When I discussed the matter with the head of the Thai Healing Alliance International, he said this:

It is not reflective of Thai tradition to call oneself a master. It is best to avoid titles that are self-aggrandizing or boastful. All true masters never refer to themselves as such because they understand that there is always more the learn, and that there are always others who know more. 

If you are a client of mine who loves my work, YOU are most welcome to call me a Master of Thai Massage. I don’t mind saying that I do feel that I have become masterful with my skills! But, having given it much thought after careful research, I am choosing not to slap that fancy word onto my professional shingle.

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