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I lead a Flowyoga class every Tuesday from 9:30-11am at Yogaspace on Ossington between Dundas and Queen St W in Toronto.

I lead two Flow yoga classes on Mondays at Yoga Grove on Jane just north of Bloor. 5:30-6:45pm and 8:30-9:45pm.

I am also available for private or group classes. Enjoy a yoga session in your home! I even teach yoga to individuals via Skype and Facetime. Email or call 416.899.3342 to discuss how I can serve your needs.

Do you find modern city life intense and, at times, overwhelming with its characteristic busyness, hectic pace and the urban density that obfuscates the Natural World that is all around us? I have felt this to be so and I have found sanctuary in yoga for over twenty years.

I am naturally a driven, fiery character who has historically found it challenging to be still. Yoga has been a great gift in helping me to realize the fruits to be relished in slowing down. An athletic, fit person since childhood, I continue to enjoy a good, sweaty workout at the gym. What I look for in yoga is something quite different to round out my self-care. The form of yoga I prefer to practice and teach is a style of Hatha referred to as Flow.

While I teach proper form in the interest of safety, Flowyoga does not emphasize details of alignment. In this style, the focus is on clearing physical and energetic blockages through slow, conscious movement and the long holding of poses, balancing chakras and calming the mind and soul. As with all yoga, it takes the body through postures which bring it greater comfort, strength and flexibility while encouraging prana and blood to clear the circulatory and energy systems. A Flow class is well-rounded with up to 28 postures targeting all areas of the body.

In my ongoing study of human anatomy and physiology, I have learned that certain benefits of yoga literally reverse the aging process. Yoga builds strength and increases bone mass, preventing osteoporosis. It softens and stretches connective tissue and tones muscles, keeping us strong and limber. It lubricates joints by increasing the production of synovial fluid, keeping them healthy and preventing arthritis.

I recommend yoga to anyone who wishes to age comfortably and gracefully. If you seek to explore spiritual meaning, you may contemplate the body as the vessel through which the Divine in us is manifesting. Yoga postures will allow us to create a purified vessel with a freer and smoother flow of prana (life energy). Periods of meditation help us to come home to our core selves and find the peaceful, positive place where we all belong.


I became a Certified Yoga Teacher in 2011 through my training at YogaSpace in Toronto’s west end. I trained under Kathryn Beet (Asanas, Teaching Methodology, Hatha, Vinyasa), Patricia White (Hatha, Anatomy and Kinesiology), Hali Schwartz (Philosophy) and Ursula Buck (Anatomy). I completed additional specialization in teaching Flow with a 30-hour training under Bibi Hahn. Flowyoga came from the tradition of Amrit Desai via Ken Scott (now in BC), through Kaila Kukla to my teacher Bibi Hahn.


• Yoga as a Healing Modality, taught by osteopath and yoga instructor Marinella Nesso, 2020
• Adaptive Yoga, taught by Darcie Clark, 2017
• Advanced Pranayama: The Art and Science of Breath, taught by Karusia Wroblewski, 2015
• Building a Sustainable Hatha Practice
, taught by Patricia White, 2015
• Restorative Yoga, taught by Kathryn Beet, 2011

Here’s where my class runs each Tuesday morning at Yogaspace.

Jennifer Is an awe-inspiring bundle of joy, care, sweetness, knowledge and talent. I cannot recommend her more highly in the capacity as a yoga teacher and massage therapist. ~ Bibi Rahim-Hahn, Flow Yoga teacher at Yogaspace, Toronto.

Jen’s yoga feels to me each time like a journey out of daily life to just be with my body and truly in it in a consciously relaxed state. I so enjoy her calm, present, guiding voice that doesn’t feel like command, neither like having read a fairy tale to me, but is connective on a deep level. Her guidance leaves space for your own explorations. Restrictions never come from her, but rather, I feel invited to challenge the restrictions my body presents to me at times. I feel held, cared for, guided and dared at the same time, which leads to an invigorated beautiful state at the end of each yoga session. ~ Iris Haussler, Artist



Thank you to those who made for full enrolment at my last Introduction to Thai Massage workshop. I will look forward to creating future events in Toronto and around southern Ontario. Join my mailing list if you’d like to keep informed or to request a workshop in your town.


$50 / 1-hr Private Class
$75 / 90-minute Private Class
  1. Shuman
    April 1, 2019 at 10:31 pm


    Just wanted to know if/when you would lead another intro to massage session in Toronto.


    1. jenji
      May 7, 2019 at 6:25 pm

      Hello Shuman! I’m so sorry for just seeing this query now. It’s been an unusual time for me with my 3-month arts residency followed by 3 weeks out west where I just had the honour and great pleasure of attending a birth. Back to Toronto tomorrow and resuming my usual schedule. I would like to set up some new dates and locations for my intro to Thai massage course. Is it Thai massage you’re interested in? Where do you live?


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