Chair Massage

Perfect for events such as fairs, festivals and conferences. Chair Massage is also the perfect plan for office managers who see the value in promoting self-care for their employees. I can come in for a full day or half day during which time I will receive clients for either a 15-minute or half-hour session.

Clients will remain fully clothed in the comfort of my professional quality massage chair which will support their chests and heads comfortably as they sit in it facing down with their arms resting on the arm rest under their face. I can offer techniques that are proven to decrease the occurrences or severity of repetitive strain injuries caused by various ergonomic issues in the work place in addition to noticeably decreasing stress levels both in the body and the psyche.

If space permits, I can also bring my Thai massage mat and offer Thai sessions for those who choose.

$250 / half-day
$400 / full day

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