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Thank you, clients!

My massage practice has grown so well by referral with home visits and seeing people at my home that I am letting go my treatment room at Spiritwind in Kensington a the end of June 2016. I will miss the fabulous community there and the weekly reason to hang out in the Market on Tuesdays. But I’m excited to keep my practice in the warm and cozier environment of my animal-free  home. 

As always, I am also very happy to bring my Thai mat or massage table to your home. There’s nothing better than not to have to travel after the delightful relaxation of a massage!

Mondays 2pm – 9pm
Tuesdays 2pm – 9pm
Wednesdays 2pm – 7pm 

Off to Thailand!

I am heading to Chiang Mai, Thailand on January 13th to further my studies in Thai massage at the famous Old Medicine Hospital. I will be learning advanced therapeutic techniques for treating pain using specific acupressure points and stretching. I will also be studying traditional Thai foot massage. All of this will give me a delicious new set of tools to make your body sing! I love this work. It has been pleasing a growing clientele (see testimonials). After 5 years as a Thai massage practitioner, I am hungry to increase my knowledge to help my clients even more with new advanced technique.

I return to Toronto at the end of February. I will be sending a reminder of my imminent return a couple weeks in advance, although you can send queries by email any time for dates beginning early March. I expect to be online quite regularly.

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